Get Luxor Cab Mobile App for quick pick up throughout San Francisco

In San Francisco, letting out an ear-splitting whistle does not guarantee you an instant taxi service during peak hours of the day. Thus, it just makes sense that you download Luxor Cab taxi app to your mobile phone for quick pick up throughout San Francisco. This cutting-edge taxi cab booking technology allows customers to order for an immediate taxi cab service through their handheld devices. The taxi app has revolutionized the traditional taxi services Luxor Cab provides in San Francisco area to an on-demand service. This app is easy, quick and very safe to use. In addition, it enhances all the procedures involved in the taxi service lifecycle – booking a cab, localization, taxi dispatch system, payments and documentation. It eliminates the need of contacting the dispatcher or customer support of the taxi cab provider, instead the taxi mobile app give clients a direct contact with the taxi driver. Luxor Cab mobile app also allows passengers to select the vehicle and drivers they prefer to transport them to their destination. And with its GPS tracking capabilities, clients are able to track the movement of the vehicle as it travels towards their pick up address. Luxor Cab mobile app also give passengers an option to pay using cash or through their mobile phone.

Here are the benefits that you can enjoy when using the Luxor Cab mobile taxi app:

You don’t have to take a chance on hailing down a roadside cab. With Luxor Cab taxi app, chasing down random taxi on the street is no longer part of your options in getting an immediate, taxi cab service. Luxor Cab mobile app users are now able to get a cab anywhere in San Francisco area.
With Luxor Cab’s taxi app, you are able to get a clean and safe taxi ride to your destination. Luxor Cab offers fleets with a nearly showroom condition that will certainly help you relax and enjoy your trip.
You don’t have to bring cash all the time to pay for your cab ride since the taxi app enables you to pay for your cab fare.
The taxi app also helps you monitor the progress of your taxi service as it moves towards your pick up address in real-time. Once the driver accepts your cab order, you are able to track their current location and the route they are taking to your location. The taxi app also allows you to communicate with the designated driver if necessary. 
The taxi app also addresses the problem of being refused access to a taxi when traveling to remote areas of San Francisco.
You are also able to spot the efficient drivers from the unethical and unprofessional ones since the mobile taxi app allows passengers to rate or leave their feedback about the driver’s performance. 

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